Experience working with an ‘a’gile xp team

People are more important than any process. Good people with a good process will outperform good people with no process every time. — Grady Booch

Its been more than 7 years since i have worked with a team practicing XP. I recently started consulting with a startup firm where they are practicing xp and its definitely a very different experience. Thought i will summarize some of the very good things i am seeing in the last few weeks.

Hiring: People who have worked with me know the way my teams used to hire. Our interviews used to take 3 to 4 hours at the maximum. Now i am seeing people having interviews for a total duration 7 to 8 hours (Law of attraction!!!!)

Generalists : One of things i have always struggled is to sell the idea of generalists. People always wants to work in specific things which make them specialists. I am seeing for the first time in a services company that some one has even thought of promoting the concept of generalists.

Pair Programming: First time in my career i am seeing people practicing pair programming religiously. Its a very difficult proposition to do it from a small services firm and i guess these guys haven’t compromised on the quality aspect.

TDD, ATDD : Though, i had sold these very agressively, sure its very difficult to implement them. Very happy to see people write tests 🙂

Am forced to refresh my agile knowledge after i started consulting these guys.

Happy to start practicing ‘a’gile again 🙂