Technology Ecosystem for the Modern Day Business Application Developer

Technology is changing at a rapid pace. Everyday you see something new to be learnt, which did not exist few months back. If you are like me, who has come from an application development background, what does this change means to you?

For sure, this is not for gyan. Tried depicting this in a form, which i could use as a reference.  I purposefully, hace not included Desktop applications in this. If you are working in some of them, you may have include it for yourself. Obviously, this may change when we revisit this in couple of months.

Similarly, things like Programming Languages (Java, C#, Ruby), OOPS Concepts, TDD, SOLID Principles are foundations.

Technology Ecosystem

Is this Perfect? Not Necessarily. This is my version and you may have a different way of visualizing this. If you create one, please do share it with me 🙂

Did I cover all aspects? Not really. Take Analytics as an example. If you take Descriptive Analytics, you start looking at traditional Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Visualization etc. Each one is a separate block diagram on its own. Hence, i have stopped it at a very high level for this.

Can i be a master of all this? May not be possible. But if we have to call ourselves as techies, then we at least need to know what these are, where we can use them and may be pick and choose couple of items that could be of our interest and master it.

Happy Learning!!!


Choosing your PEARL in JOCEAN : My JSFOO Slides

I spoke at JSFoo today on “Choosing your PEARL in JOCEAN“.

Its definitely not about a new javascript library or framework “JOcean“. I was talking about how to choose a javascript library or framework based on your business requirement. I took the example of a Legal case management and walked through the requirements and zeroed down on a Library.

You can also see a client side architecture diagram explaining the different layers in the client side, framework for that and how they interact.

I guess the talk went well overall.

Choosing your PEARL in JOCEAN

Special thanks to my friends Sendhil and Sony Arouje for all their help in this presentation.

Happy Learning!!!