Zen and Unit Testing : Write Tests or become a Manager

Myself and Sendhil used to run Agile Software Development course during our Proteans days. As part of our course, we used to use The way of Testivus to talk about the importance of automated unit testing (POUT/TDD).

I happened to see the presentation couple of days back and felt very good. Thought i will blog about it.


The pupil asked the master programmer:
“When can I stop writing tests?”
The master answered:
“When you stop writing code.”

The pupil asked:
“When do I stop writing code?”
The master answered:
“When you become a manager.”

The pupil trembled and asked:
“When do I become a manager?”
The master answered:
“When you stop writing tests.”

The pupil rushed to write some tests. He left skid marks.

If the code deserves to be written, it deserves to have tests.


The pupil went to the master programmer and said:
“All my tests pass all the time. Don’t I deserve a raise?”

The master slapped the pupil and replied:
“If all your tests pass, all the time, you need to write better tests.”

With a red cheek, the pupil went to HR to complain. But that’s another story.

Original Link: The Way of Testivus