Mid Life Crisis?

Normally, I don’t blog for a long time when I travel or extremely busy with work. This time for a change it is for a very different reason. I haven’t been to work or even typed anything for close to 5 weeks now. Today, I got really frustrated and decided to type at least something.

I’m down with some form of repetitive strain injury, having severe neck and upper back pain. There is inflammation in the shoulder muscles  and my shoulder muscles have become weak. I couldn’t sit continuously for more than 15 minutes watching the monitor. Have done Physio, acupressure, acupuncture and taken medicines. Inflammation doesn’t seem to be reducing as fast as I want. It is very painful, frustrating and depressing, sitting at home and not doing anything.

What did I learn in the last month or so?
Posture: Working in computers, the most important thing is having the correct posture. I heard the term ergonomics and saw lot of money being spent for the first time when I joined Intel. I used to even make fun when people spoke to me about ergonomics. Now I understand why the company was so specific about Ergonomics. Assess your posture and do the needed fixes ASAP. It is very difficult to change anything, so correcting our posture will also require lot of work. Use a docking station (Monitor, regular keyboard and mouse).

Reduce the time spent in front of the computer: Don’t work long hours in front of the computers. Take enough break and give your muscles the rest it requires. If you are like me who likes to put long hours, take the needed break in between.

Exercise: I am sure most of us do lot of cardio exercises. What I have learnt is it is equally important to stretch your muscles and strengthen them. Something like Yoga can be very helpful.

Keep yourself calm: Mind plays a major role. If your CPU cannot be controlled, it will lead to issues. Learn to meditate and keep the mind calm.

I am not sure how much more time it is going to take for me to recover. Wish me good luck!!!

Life is always full of surprises and I guess that’s what makes this life very interesting.

Happy Learning!!!