Whom to consult when you are in trouble ?

I am sure we all would have listened to this fable one time or other. I was reading this book in the morning “When you are sinking become a submarine“, which had a reference to it and thought i should blog this.

A Lion was chasing a Chamois along a valley. He had all but caught it, and with longing eyes was anticipating a certain and a satisfying repast. It seemed as if it were utterly impossible for the victim to escape ; for a deep ravine appeared to bar the way for both the hunter and the hunted. But the nimble Chamois, gathering together all its strength, shot like an arrow from a bow across the chasm, and stood still on the rocky cliff on the other side. Our Lion pulled up short.

But at that moment a friend of his happened to be near at hand. That friend was the Fox.

” What ! ” said he, ” with your strength and agility, is it possible that you will yield to a feeble Chamois? You have only to will, and you will be able to work wonders. Though the abyss be deep, yet, if you are only in earnest, I am certain you will clear it. Surely you can confide in my disinterested friendship. I would not expose your life to danger if I were not so well aware of your strength and dexterity.”

The Lion’s blood waxed hot, and began to boil in his veins. He flung himself with all his might into space. But he could not clear the chasm ; so down he tumbled headlong, and was killed by the fall.

Then what did his dear friend do? He cautiously made his way down to the bottom of the ravine, and there, out in the open space and the free air, seeing that the Lion wanted neither flattery nor obedience now, he set to work to pay the last sad rites to his dead friend, and in a month picked his bones clean.

What does this story convey?
1. Dont take advice from a sterotype personality.
2. Be careful about who you pick up as a guide, especially when you are in trouble. The guide should be wise and balanced and should not be someone who would project his own frustrations on the case.
3. Dont take advice from one who has his own axe to grind. He might give you advice that might only suit his interest.
4. Dont take advice from people who are in a disturbed mindset.

Seek advice from a person who makes you think for yourself.

Via : When you are sinking become a submarine

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Whale Done! The Power of Positive Relationships

Shamu Show.jpg
(Photo from the Shamu Show)

A Book about Positive Relationships.

The story starts with the Shamu show in Sea world, San Diego. How can the killer whales perform a show with a series of astonishing, acrobatic leaps and dives?
1. Build trust
2. Accentuate the positive
3. When mistakes occur, redirect the energy

The ABC’s of performance:
A = Activator Whatever gets the performance going
B = Behavior The performance that occurs
C = Consequence Your response to the performance

4 kinds of consequences:
1. No response
2. Negative response
3. Redirection
4. Positive response

Redirection response:
Describe the error or problem as soon as possible, clearly and without blame

  • Show its negative impact
  • If appropriate, take the blame for not making the task clear
  • Go over the task in detail and make sure it is clearly understood
  • Express your continuing trust and confidence in the person

Praise progress, it’s a moving target!

The Whale Done response:

  • Praise people immediately
  • Be specific about what they did right or almost right
  • Share your positive feelings about what they did
  • Encourage them to keep up the good work

GOTcha: Catching people doing things wrong.
Whale Done!   : Catching people doing thing right.

A Must Read Book for anyone who is looking for a change/improvement in behavior.

Review : http://bertverdonck.files.wordpress.com/2007/08/whaledone.pdf