Do i really need a Daily Standup?

Sendhil shared this presentation “Observations from an old warhorse” by Fred George recently. I found an interesting topic he discusses in this talk, The Daily stand up meetings. A Must watch Video.

The purpose of the Daily stand up meeting is to facilitate the feedback cycle, promote communication and help in re-planning.

Scrum suggests that there are three things which gets discussed in a Standup meeting 

  1. What was accomplished yesterday,
  2. What will be attempted today, and
  3. What problems are causing delays

Fred George talks about what is more important to look at in the Standup meeting.

The most important thing for the person facilitating the development is to attend to When someone says “No Updates” or “Couldn’t get anything done yesterday“.

These are the people who are stuck because of

  • A complex problem,
  • Story was too vague,
  • Bleeding edge technology,
  • Gone into a tangent with design,
  • A/C was too cold,
  • tube light was not at the right place,
  • or for whatever is the reason.

Check this link for a sample list of impediments

These are impediments and it has to be addressed immediately so that people can move forward and meet their commitments made on a daily basis.

Another place to look at is the Individual Burn chart. If the hours are not reducing then it means that people are stuck and attention is required.

Team LeadDuring the Standup  Open the Plan or Stand next your Scrum Board/Kanban Board while discussing, mention the story so that everyone has the context.

If the meeting is used for the right reason, for sure it improves the communication and gives effective feedback.

Don’t spend too much time on people who could get things done yesterday. Listen carefully when people say i couldn’t get things done yesterday. Addressing their impediments will help them move forward and can get the results.

Happy Learning!!!

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