Effective Test Case Automation using Robot

Couple of weeks back, a friend of mine asked me a favor to help him create/choose an automation framework for his teams. Me being at home most of the time now, it sounded like an interesting stuff to look at.

Though i am always inclined to create a DSL for automation, my previous experience with creating automation framework reminded me that it’s not something which you can do tomorrow and need a reasonably good budget.

I started looking for options and i landed up with this amazing open source framework called Robot. I evaluated it against our selection criteria and it pretty much fitted the bill. Ofcourse, no framework can give you everything you need, but as long as there is an option to extend i am sure it will do the needful.

It took a day for a fresher/junior resource to get started and in a weeks time, the test cases have actually started coming. More than that, they were in the format which is readable by product owners, business analysts and test engineers :). If you have written code in any of the existing frameworks using a programming language, i am sure you know the fact that however you have made your code readable, non-techies will always find it very difficult to read them.

Useful resources on Robot, which can help you get started

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How to write good test cases

Happy Learning!!!


Automation Landscape

Have you ever thought of how the automation landscape looks today? More and more we develop applications on an iterative fashion, the more we realize the importance of automation.

Automation is no longer a tester’s work. If you are a developer i am sure you would have worked in automating either one of this (Build, deployment, test, performance, load) at some point of time in your career.

Today Mobile has become main stream. # of devices, platforms has increased. Its no more just web.

I just thought of summarizing the automation landscape. Obviously, i cannot add every other tool/platform exist in the world. Just added the ones which i have used/sold at some point.

I am sure it’s probably going to get even bigger. If you are a developer, who has not used any of this… then better get started learning these.
Automation Landscape

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Happy Learning!!!