I “Post Master”

Delegation, A topic which cannot be missed in any management books. The message is don’t try to do everything by yourself. By delegating to others (who is capable of doing), you can groom the person, help him to grow and one can focus on the most important tasks.
But, what is the key here?

  • Don’t do everything by yourself… It doesn’t say don’t do anything at all
  • Delegate to a person who is capable. “Horses for courses
  • Follow up in a regular interval, check if things are going OK and whether the other person needs any help.

Check here for the 12 Rules for delegation

But People are different. They take only what is important for them. Anything and everything can be delegated to others…

I recently spoke to someone (Let us call him A) who took over an account from another manager. This account is a crucial account and there is a struggle to fill the key position for this crucial account for a very long time. There was no progress made for about 7 months till A took over and suddenly in the last 1 month, there is enough progress that has been made, which is visible.

How come someone couldn’t do anything for 7 months and there is a sudden change in the last month? You can say “Luck“… But that’s not the truth. The Previous person delegated his work to someone and probably that someone delegated it to someone else and this chain could have extended further down and no one had any accountability.

Post MasterBut, since its a crucial thing, A has personally started working on it and because of that things have started moving, and the progress is visible.

Did A do anything different in this context? No, A just did his work and nothing else…

Delegation is important. Delegate when your plate is full, or you know someone else is ready and he can do the job so that you can do something more important.

Don’t Delegate because you have a person and you don’t want do anything at all…

If you do so then you can proudly call yourself as “I am a Post Master….”

Happy Learning!!!

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Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Dundee Photographics / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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