Leading is Tough!!!!

Leadership is not easy!!! It is a complex and diverse nature of a role that can at times seem overwhelming. I happened to read this book Thrive on Pressure: Lead and Succeed When Times Get Tough and i liked what the author has listed as the needed qualities and skills of a leader.

I realigned the list a little bit in the way i see it.

A Must have list for anyone who wants to be a leader!!!!

• Have a clear vision
• See the big picture

• Be a good communicator
• Be a meticulous planner
• Be a good listener
• Be inspiring
• Be intellectually astute
• Be a mentor
• Be a team player
• Be optimistic
• Be self-assured
• Be innovative
• Be a good influencer
• Be a good negotiator
• Be visible
• Be able to give bad news
• Be your own person
• Be determined

• Have a high tolerance for stress and pressure
• Remain calm in the face of adversity
• Have a high level of emotional intelligence
• Know the relevant detail
• Make the right decisions
• Problem solve
• Show passion
• Learn from your mistakes
• Balance the short and long term
• Deliver the strategy
• Ensure change
• Tell it like it is
• Have integrity
• Take risks
• Have charisma
• Role model the organization’s values

• Be a good people manager
• Recruit good people around you
• Trust people
• Instill belief
• Know your people’s names
• Care about your people
• Set goals
• Know what drives your people
• Make people accountable
• Build team spirit
• Show empathy
• Let people make mistakes
• Command loyalty from your people
• Address underperformance
• Empower people
• Handle conflict
• Recognize good performance
• Delegate
• Involve people in decisions
• Coach
• Seek feedback

• Set high expectations
• Deliver the results

Original Source:
Thrive on Pressure: Lead and Succeed When Times Get Tough

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Happy Learning!!!!


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