Enterprise Mobility Trends

Recently happened to read the post Current Trends in Enterprise Mobility from the InfoQ website. Its a post referring to the InfoGraphic created by XCubeLabs.
Enterprise Mobility

Key Points from the InfoGraphic 

HTML5 will become the preferred choice for Enterprise Apps. Nearly 3/4th of Fortune 500 companies are taking steps to deploy a HTML5 based solution.

Mobile Apps in Enterprises

  • 70% of mobile applications developed during 2007-2011 will become obsolete or candidate for a remake by 2012.
  • Native Mobile apps will continue to dominate transaction oriented and revenue generating mobile applications during 2012-15 time frame
  • By 2014, 40% of the Fortune 1000 organizations will employ a MEAP solution for Mobile apps development.

Preferred way to Acquire a mobile solution

  • 36.8% of the enterprises prefer to built them in-house,
  • 31.5% intend to outsource them,
  • 30.7% plan to buy one,
  • 20.1% are going to buy a MEAP with an SDK and configure the app in-house,
  • 20.1% also want to buy a MEAP and SDK but outsource the development,
  • 6.1% have other unspecified options.

A Good Reference!!!
On a side note, i really liked XCubeLabs website. 🙂

Original URLhttp://www.xcubelabs.com/enterprise-mobility-infographic.php
Image courtesyFreeDigitalPhotos.net


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