Wednesday Linkfest

I liked couple of links yesterday and thought i will do a link post today.

How Does Facebook Make Money? I found an interesting post in the ReadWriteWeb site, which talks about how facebook makes money. Since we have been discussing a lot about Facebook’s IPO for last month or so, thought i will share this link.

Mobile Devices and Browsers Aren’t Ready for HTML5 Again from ReadWriteWeb site, post talks about the fact that mobile browsers aren’t still ready for HTML5.

How to be a Damn Good Developmental Manager Talks about how one can become a manager that most employees want to work for.

Small Business Succession Planning: 5 Tips to Get Started  Talks about five high-level considerations for business owners who want to get a jump-start on the succession planning process.

Get started with Windows 8 Metro style app development using JavaScript and HTML5 For an experienced web developer, their skills may be portable (HTML and JavaScript). If you are one who hasn’t done web programming at all, then learning curve may be big.

Happy Learning!!!!


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