TW Technology Radar: Learnings

Though the entire content is a good reference for any one in the IT Industry, it will be very difficult to get your hands on everything. Atleast knowing what is available will be of great help during new product development effort.

I feel that the following would be beneficial for anyone in the enterprise application development segment.

I would like to focus on the following and experience a bit about them. Will blog about them in detail in my future posts

  • Package Management : NuGet
  • Frank for iOS Acceptance Automation
  • Acceptance Testing : User Journeys
  • JavaScript as a First Class Citizen
  • AppHarbor : PaaS offering for the .NET Platform
  • Zero Code Package, How to Evaluate them?
  • Usage for Functional Languages (F#, Scala) to define Domain Logic
  • Coffee Script, SASS, LESS
  • Health Check Pages
  • Domain Specific PaaS
  • Message buses without Smarts.

We have been practicing Continuous Delivery for quite some time now in our teams. So, i didn’t include that as part of this list.

I had my own experience on being part of a Zero code package development. Seeing it as part of this list made feel much better.

Happy Learning!!!!


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