My experience attending TW Technology Radar Event

When i saw an email from Thoughtworks last week about Technology Radar, i was excited and registered for it. After all, it has come from someone like Martin Fowler. I am following the TW, Technology Radar for the last 2 years and this year the PDF was awesome. Its definitely very useful. Also, this year they had done a great job with the way they had prepared the content  (Check the previous version here. You will understand the difference). So, this made my curiosity even more as i wanted to listen to this.

What went right?

  1. The hotel choice was awesome. Sheraton Bangalore probably could be the best hotel now in Bangalore. Amaaaaaazing man…
  2. Evening snack was superb.
  3. TW guys were bit more friendly this time than the previous times.

In my opinion, What didnt go that well?
# of People. I thought, they had more crowd for their previous events. Though there seemed to be more crowd in the lobby, it was very less initially in the room and eventually at 8:00 PM it got filled.

It was apparent, that presenters were not well prepared. An example, during the initial talk, when the presenter tried introducing Martin Fowler, he was searching for words to talk about him. Come on guys. I could have spoken about Martin Fowler with much more enthusiasm.

Presenters who presented about Technology Radar, couldn’t communicate their leader’s message. They even mentioned like i will defer to this. Guys, I didn’t come to hear what you feel. I came to listen to the vision of people like Martin Fowler. They probably had put these technologies in certain buckets/quadrants, because of some reason. If you guys do not buy-in to that vision, better dont sell it.

Another example, “Future of Java” was in the Assess bucket. When talking about concurrency, one of the presenter said “Modern Languages like Java“…. Oh… my god.

I understand it is a free event and also the kind of crowd you get. But, there might few people who may understand things slightly better. It was very average.

Enough of negatives. What are the takeaways from my side? Will talk about it in the next post.

On a lighter note: The person who sat next to us, was nodding her head throughout the session. May be it reached her better than us 🙂

Overall, i had good time. Though i had to drive for more than an hour, the hotel ambiance and  event arrangements definitely made me feel really good. Thank you TW guys. And, Better luck next time with your presentation.


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