Getting Started with Mobile Application Development

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Recently, there was a forecast from Forrester that the mobile application development services size will be around $17 billion by 2015. This means that mobile and tablet application development is becoming more and more mainstream.

With the introduction of Tabs in the enterprise segment, the mobile adoption of enterprise products has become a reality.  Enabling mobility with enterprise products is like anyother enterprise application development. It requires a very disciplined approach, following the best practices (TDD, Iterative Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery etc..) and its definitely a paradigm shift.

If you are Fresher or an experienced developer wanting to get started with Mobile application development, following is the high level skillset which one would require. This list is a combination of mobile development  + software development skills.


  • Mobile/Tablet
    •  iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry
      • Operating System & Framework Basics (File System, Framework Basics)
      • Language Basics (Objective C, Java, Silverlight/XAML)
      • IDE Basics (XCode, Eclipse, Visual Studio.NET)
      • UI Components
        • UI Positioning
        • Graphics
        • Alignments
      • Asynchronous Execution & Multi tasking
      • Logging/Error Handling
      • Data Binding
    • Mobile Web Application Development (HTML5, CSS, PhoneGap)
  • Programming
    • Object Orientation
    • Debugging
    • SOLID Principles
    • Patterns (MVC, MVVM)
    • Automated Unit Testing (OCUnit, JUnit, NUnit)
    • Source Control
      • Check-in/Check-out
      • Label
      • Branch
    • Continuous Integration (Jenkins, Hudson)
  • Web Basics
    • HTTP, HTTPS, Error Codes, Web Server (IIS, Apache etc…), Stylesheets, Post/GET/Put
  • XML
    • Loading, Parsing, Updating
  • Data Access
    • Web Services basic
    • Restful/Soap/OData Services
    • Local Data Access
  • Offline Storage
    • NoSQL Database (CouchDB)
    • SQL Lite/SQL Express
  • Caching
    • NoSQL DB
  • Localization
  • Builds
  • Releases
    • Versioning
    • Release Management Fundamentals
Happy Learning!!!

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