First Taste of CoffeeScript

Its been more than 3 months since I have done anything useful. I am slowly trying to get back to normal from my forced medical sabbatical. Started reading and kind of trying to find out things i missed out in these 3+ months.

The way the technology world is going, if you miss the happenings for 3 months you may even start feeling that you are obsolete. I guess, it has been more than 6 to 9 months that I haven’t paid attention to client side UI frameworks. I happened to speak to few people recently on technologies like backbone.js, SASS and CoffeeScript. Looks like very interesting stuff, especially the CoffeeScript one.

CoffeeScript is a programming language that trans compiles to JavaScript. The language adds syntactic sugar to enhance JavaScript’s brevity and readability.

If you have ever written any complex piece of code in Javascript, then I am sure you understand the pain of maintaining it. If you happened to work in a pure Client Side UI Framework, then you can imagine the complexity and I am sure CoffeeScript definitely will help there.

If you are an ASP.NET developer, then you may want to read this post An Introduction to CoffeeScript

I have coded in JavaScript and I am a big fan of JavaScript. I tried writing some code yesterday using CoffeeScript and I for sure enjoyed writing it.

You can try it here

I somehow managed to read the first few chapters from the CoffeeScript book from Pragmatic series and its worth reading if you are interested in Javascript.

I also watched the Plural Sight video on CoffeeScript and it gave a very good overview.

To Summarize, If you are looking for a clean/readable Javascript code, I guess CoffeeScript is the way. Obviously you need to learn a language, but I am sure you will enjoy writing code without the curly braces.

Happy Learning!!!!


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