That “bloody” thing called Framework

Technology advancements today has brought it in a new way of development called Frameworks (either using a framework infrastructure available in the market or developing something new).

Earlier there was a clear distinction between companies which are working on Framework driven applications and companies which are working on LOB Applications. Over a period of time, I feel the technological advancements have started bringing these together and now there are many LOB Applications, which are written on top of a Framework Infrastructure.

Writing languages was not everybody’s cup of tea earlier. Dynamic Languages has changed that. You can write your own language (DSL) on top of an existing language today.

More and more application development companies getting involved in Framework based application development; this brings us to the next level of challenges.

On, one hand these kinds of projects are getting more and more importance. On the other hand I see a definite gap for resources that are capable of working on these kinds of projects.

Till Sometime back, the term SOA was the most abused one. But today, In my opinion Framework is the most abused term. It is used so loosely that anything and everything can be a framework.

I was interviewing an Architect couple of days back and he mentioned that he has developed an error handling framework and a UI Framework. When I asked him what you mean by UI Framework? He talked about the controls toolkit which he has built for his project.

Talk to a Recruiter and he will be talking about a Recruitment Framework. Talk to HR person and he will be talking about a Performance Framework. I guess if you talk to a guy who owns a small tea shop in the street corner, he will be talking to you about some framework for making better chai.

As you can see, the challenges… it is time for us to think, How do we manage requirements for such projects, what kind of processes will work for the development of a framework based project, what kind of talent do we need to execute these kind of projects, how do we train people to work on such projects etc… etc…

In the last 5 years, whatever project I ended up taking had some kind of framework work involved in it. I even started fancying now that whether I will ever get a chance to take care of a custom shrink wrap development again as a manager.

I am planning to write a series of posts to talk about Framework based Application development. I will try to consolidate my learning’s and the interesting posts I have found in the web so that it can be helpful for others.

Following is the list of items I am planning to talk in my posts.

  • Framework Based Application Development – A Quick Intro
  • Requirements for Framework Driven Applications – I will talk about how to capture requirements for Framework Driven Applications from my experience.
  • Framework Driven Applications from a process perspective
  • Hiring People for Framework Driven Applications

I will update the links as and when I am done with a new post. Due to my work schedule, I cannot post something on a daily basis. I will try to complete these within a month’s time.

If you are a person working in framework based development, please feel free to share your experience with me.

Happy Learning!!


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