Do you have the right product owner with you?

Most of the product companies have a role called Product Manager (or Vice President, Product Development) who is responsible for the Product Management Functionality.

Typically a Product Manager in a Software Product Company is responsible for
1. Defining the product strategy and Road map. Typically Product Manager’s Conduct Surveys, analyze the current trends of the industry/competitors and decide the road map for the Product.
2. Visualize the Product, Delivering Requirements in Some Format (PRD/MRD/Use Cases/User Stories), Prioritize the Features, Release Planning, Write the Acceptance Criteria.
3. Working with external third parties to assess potential partnerships and licensing opportunities etc…
4. Taking care of the Pre-sales Demonstrations, Meet Potential Customers, Run beta and pilot programs with early-stage products and samples.

When a new software development initiative is made, the Product Manager typically will be made as the Product Owner for the New Product Development (Could be a rewrite of the old product or a new Product).

Even though the Product Manager is responsible for Defining and developing the requirements, most of the times it takes the last priority. Meeting Potential Customers, helping sales team (apart from the strategic planning) becomes more priority than writing requirements. Product Manager’s time is very hard to find and development teams has to wait for his availability. Its justified by the business that we need to have more business so that we can accommodate all these development etc…

After working with product development companies for all these years, this question has come to my mind some time back.

Who is the right person for the Product owner role? Can a Product Manager be the Product Owner? Is it possible for the Product Manager to play both the roles and add value?

In my opinion, a Product Manager cannot be a Product Owner. If you have a Product Manager as the Product Owner, you will definitely understand what i am talking about. I am sure, you are working on one-liners as requirements.

In my opinion the Product Owner is Responsible for the following.
Product Owner is a person who owns the development of the Product. He / She own the Iterations or cycle period, available for the team when required. Primary responsibility is to write stories or requirement in some format and work with the developers and testers to define the acceptance criteria for the stories. He / She should understand technology a bit, so that he will be in a position to understand the technological constraints. Once a feature is complete, the product owner should spend time in verifying the feature and provide his acceptance.

If the Product Owner you have is not doing all the above, its time to look for a new profile. Finally, your whole development team is dependent on this person and his time is more important for the development teams.

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Happy Reading!!!


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