Kanban in 24 Hours

Can a process model be mastered in 24 hours? My answer is No. Then you may ask, why this title? I was thinking of writing a master post, which will link all my posts about Kanban and i thought Kanban in 24 hours could catch people’s eyes. Hence this title. I am sorry, i am not going to give any shortcuts. I sincerely believe there is no shortcuts to a place worth going.

I have summarized my learnings/experience with Kanban in the following posts. Its my attempt to capture what i have learnt/read. I may/may not have captured everything i wanted to. But, i guess its a good start.

There is so much written about Kanban and I have provided the reference URLs which i have referred to while blogging these posts.

Kanban Posts Summary
Introducing Kanban : Post introducing Kanban.
Kanban – What is it all about? – Kanban in a Nutshell
I am currently doing Scrum. What is different in Kanban? – Talks briefly about what is changed in Kanban.
Kanban – Changes : Talks about the changes in Kanban Software Development in detail.
Getting Started with Kanban Software Development : Talks about how to get started with Kanban Software Development.
Kanban Taskboard : Talks in detail about the Kanban Taskboard.
Kanban – FAQ : Summarized my learnings in a FAQ format.
Kanban – Summary: Summarized Kanban as a Software development Process and linked to a post which talked about implementation challenges.

Kanban – Must Read Links
Kanban Development Oversimplified
Kanban System for Software Engineering
Waterfall, Lean/Kanban and Scrum by Ken Schwaber
Kanban Systems
Kanban Applied to Software Development: from Agile to Lean
Visualizing Agile Projects using Kanban Boards
Useful Links about Kanban
Kanban, Flow and Cadence
Kanban in Software Development
The Kanban Story

Road to Mastery
It took me couple of years as a practitioner to master agile/iterative development. I liked the Road to Mastery model which James Shore has Proposed in his book The Art of Agile development.
1. Follow the Rules (Apprentice)
2. Break the Rules (Journeyman)
3. Ignore the Rules (Master)
I guess, when it comes to Kanban, i am at Stage 1 (Apprentice).

Happy Reading!!!


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