Project Leadership

Leadership is one of the most important qualities expected from a Project Manager. If you examine the effectiveness of a project manager there are two distinct types of project leaders. Transactional and Transformational.

Transactional leaders are those individuals who view their jobs as a series of discrete transactions between themselves and their team members. They generally are good administrators in that they operate as problem solvers. Because they deal with issues as they come up (transactions), they may be excessively reactive rather than inclined to develop a vision for themselves, their departments, or their projects.

Transformational leaders, on the other hand, seek to make their mark on the organization or their projects through operating in a forward thinking, often charismatic, manner. They work to make a difference as project managers, through transforming their project teams and, ultimately; their projects, in positive ways.

Project Managers must learn to view their work as a challenge of transformation-taking a chaotic and disorderly situation (the beginning of a new project) and, through their personal energy and ability to inspire team members, creating a vision of project success that motivates high commitment from the team.

Transformational Leaders will have the following attributes

  • Driven by Vision
  • Ability to communicate the Vision
  • Ability to Inspire Trust
  • Ability to empower
  • Energetic and Action Oriented
  • Emotional Expressiveness – Able to express their feelings openly
  • Willingness to take personal risks
  • Use of unconventional Strategies – Ability to think out of box
  • Capable of dealing when there is a crisis.

Original Source: Project Leadership – from theory to practice


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