Everyone Gets Tired

Norm was at an all-time low. He took the pile of pages (his manuscript and life’s passion) and threw it in the garbage. That was it. Forty-plus rejections from 40 different publishers were quite enough. His hopes had been raised and dashed one too many times.

Norm’s wife, Ruth, came into the room and was horrified to see his book in the garbage. She went to pull it out. He said, “I forbid you to take that out. I’ve had enough.”

Ruth was troubled. She didn’t want to go against her husband’s wishes, but neither did she want to see his life’s work go to the landfill. He had been rejected so many times by so many people that he had finally run out of energy—even though he had always had so much energy.

She decided to follow his wishes—well, sort of. She left the manuscript in the garbage, wrapped it up, and sent it to one more publisher.

The publisher took notice. He’d never before received a manuscript in a garbage container. He read her explanatory note and then the manuscript. He decided to publish. Little did he realize it would become one of the top-sellers of all time.

The author: Norman Vincent Peale.
The book: The Power of Positive Thinking.

Even the most optimistic of personalities is bound to suffer dejection and see his optimistic attitude wane in times of rejection, defeat, and adversity. If it happened to Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, it’s probably going to happen to you and me.

Optimism is the lifeblood of anyone who hopes to succeed in any profession. Those who allow themselves to be seduced into pessimistic thinking patterns and cynical synapses poison their own lifeblood.

Original Book Reference:Selling with Emotional Intelligence


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