Cheerfulness and Leadership Mastery

A Sales manager once had a meeting with the successful CEO of the company.  CEO noticed that the younger man seemed concerned and even glum. CEO asked the manager “What is the trouble?  Is there a problem?”


“Well sir, I’m afraid there is” replied the sales manager.  Sales figures for the quarter are down, way down. He looked at the CEO hesitantly, not sure of what will be his response. To his surprise, the CEO seemed very composed and cheerful. “That’s Excellent” declared the boss. “That’s really excellent. I am very pleased”. 


Now the manager is puzzled. He asked “How can it be excellent?” I just told you that the sales figures are way down and you seem to be happy about it. That’s right. I am happy said the CEO.


For one thing I’ve heard this kind of news before and it’s never been more than a temporary problem. As a matter of fact, it usually provides opportunities for changes that pay off big in the long run. But even important, it’s a matter of personal discipline for me to always react cheerfully to bad news, even if I cannot find the silver lining in the cloud right at the moment, I know that a good natured response maximizes my chances of finding it as soon as possible.


I know it’s there and I know it will make me stronger and more successful over time, so what’s not to be happy about?


Source: Leadership Mastery: How to Challenge Yourself and Others to Greatness


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