Believing is seeing : Cause and Effect

Life is just life. It will bring what we ask for.

If you plant a peach pit a peach tree will grow. If you plant a thistle seed only a thistle plant will grow. A Peach tree doesn’t grow from a thistle seed. It’s always this way and never changes. The principle of cause and effect applies equally to everything and everyone. How this applies to human is that our thoughts are the seeds we sow. The quality of our thoughts determines what grows.

This means that what we think, say and do decides our reality and to a degree, the reality of all others. Our thought or belief is the cause preceding our reality. Our reality is the result or effect of our thought. Cause and Effect is the driving force behind the truth what you believe, you will see.

Believing is seeing. What you believe to be true is true for you and life always brings evidence of your truth.

There is a man who believes he cannot trust anyone. Many of that man’s experiences will reflect this. Perhaps he lives to a neighbor who steals his newspaper. Perhaps a cashier gives him back incorrect change. A dog bites him when he walks in the street. One of his close friends has not given him the money which he borrowed etc…
All these instances give further proof that he cannot trust anyone. His world is one of suspicion and doubt and his actions confirm his beliefs. He deadbolts the door and pulls the shades tight. He spies on the neighbor and cross-examines the paper carrier.

And all this while denying any responsibility for what is happening in his life. He is convinced that others are doing bad things to him.

He certainly never asked for these miseries. Life has him pegged as one unlucky soul.

Not everyone experiences people as untrustworthy or scary or dangerous. Have you ever wondered why? The answer is simple. Not everyone believes people are untrustworthy or Scary or Dangerous.

Some people believe that human race as whole is generous, kind, compassionate, intelligent, helpful, loving and giving. And that’s exactly their experience of people. It’s not that they are somehow luckier than others. It is how they think that determines the quality of persons they attract in their lives. Believing is seeing.

For the person who believes they can’t trust anyone, large shares of such persons thoughts focus on every single experience that proves their belief. In their mind, they continuously replay negative memories like old movie reruns, effectively keeping them stuck in the same negative past. Their reasoning stems from their core thought or first thought, which is creative thought proceeding all beliefs and emotions. First thought makes real our beliefs.

If the first thought and core feeling of the person is that everyone is untrustworthy, their words further verify their thoughts. They will often say something to the effect of “You just cannot trust anyone”. And finally, the circumstances, they unconsciously draw to themselves, followed by their actions and reactions and their perceptions of the experiences, confirm this belief.

We attract into our life those things we love and fear by simply by being those things. If we are being fearful, the principle of cause and effect will find a way to create something for us to fear, whether real or imaginary. If we “love”, cause and effect will show you every opportunity to show you love. In the example, the individual was “being suspicious”. Cause and Effect has obliged his decision by manifesting many opportunities for him to be suspicious, creating further evidence that further solidifies his belief that people are untrustworthy.

First thought forms beliefs, beliefs form realities, and focus when used consciously helps you create desired results.

Life is just life. It will bring what we ask for.

Happy reading!!!

Original Source: The Truth About You: Things You Don’t Know You Know


1 thought on “Believing is seeing : Cause and Effect

  1. I liked the post . I liked the sentence "We attract into our life those things we love and fear by simply by being those things"

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