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Joel Spolsky’s the Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing

You should always try to have at least six people interview each candidate that gets hired, including at least five who would be peers of that candidate (that is, other programmers, not managers). You know the kind of company that just has some salty old manager interview each candidate, and that decision is the only one that matters? These companies don’t have very good people working there. It’s too easy to fake out one interview, especially when a non-programmer interviews a programmer.

Original URL: http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/GuerrillaInterviewing3.html


How to recognize a good programmer?

·         Passionate about technology

·         Programs as a hobby

·         Will talk your ear off on a technical subject if encouraged

·         Significant (and often numerous) personal side-projects over the years

·         Learns new technologies on his/her own

·         Opinionated about which technologies are better for various usages

·         Very uncomfortable about the idea of working with a technology he doesn’t believe to be “right”

·         Clearly smart, can have great conversations on a variety of topics

·         Started programming long before university/work

·         Has some hidden “icebergs”, large personal projects under the CV radar

·         Knowledge of a large variety of unrelated technologies (may not be on CV)

Original URL: http://www.inter-sections.net/2007/11/13/how-to-recognise-a-good-programmer/


Hazards of Hiring

How to proceed with a hiring decision: This interesting post talks about the general guidelines on the same.

Original URL: http://www.ericsink.com/bos/Hazards_of_Hiring.html


The Hiring Manager Interviews: Conversations with IT managers on how they hire the best

Is hiring instinctive? Or can you teach people how to make good hires? In this monthly Q&A series, executive recruiters from The Alexander Group speak with IT executives about their hiring and interviewing practices.

Original URL: http://www.cio.com/article/109702/The_Hiring_Manager_Interviews


How to Interview a Programmer

Finding good programmers is hard because good programming is dependent on much more than just knowledge of programming language syntax. You need someone who, despite wearing striped pants with a polka dot shirt, has a good sense of taste in OO design. You need someone who is creative enough to find innovative solutions to problems, yet anal retentive enough to always line up their curly brace.

Original URL: http://www.artima.com/wbc/interprog.html


Hiring Developers – Why "Smart and Gets Things done" is not enough

What we look for in a candidate is really four things. The first three are knowledge, experience and native ability. The last is a genuine interest in the field – people who have this typically have side projects, new favorite technologies, a book or two on the go, etc. It’s not just a job to them. Regarding native ability, it’s not just raw intelligence we’re after – we value other characteristics as well, examples include being likable, a good listener and conversationalist, determined, and being good in group settings (like working meetings).

Original URL: http://broadcast.oreilly.com/2009/09/hiring-developers—why-smart.html


Hiring Developers: King of the hill effect

That’s easily solvable even during the interview – you can show them some code, throw around some ideas and arguments on why that’s good and some people will say “Wow, I didn’t even know all that is possible!” (Yep, I actually got a response like that). You should hire this people immediately – seriously, don’t let them leave the interview without signing a contract. Tell them they’re the last interview before the decision and that you decided already and don’t need to wait. And because they’re now sure they know less than they really do, you’ll be able to get great value for money.

Original URL: http://friedcellcollective.net/outbreak/2009/08/14/hiring-developers-king-of-the-hill-effect/


6 Reasons Why Hiring Good Developers Is So Hard

Looking for your next rock star developer? A Java developer, is a Java developer, is a Java developer. The only real difference is how well they can solve a problem. Developers are easy to find, but people who understand what you’re trying to do and are fanatically committed to do things better isn’t.

Original URL: http://www.softwaresweatshop.com/bss/6-reasons-why-hiring-good-developers-is-so-hard.html


Guide to hiring software developers

A Very interesting blog post which talks about the various techniques and tips that one should pay attention to when recruiting for developers.

Original URL: http://www.staikos-manousopoulou.net/Programming/GuideToHiringDevelopers.html



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