Dysfunctional Attitudes: Processes are more important than people.

I landed in this interesting post while googling today and thought of blogmarking. This post was written taking an IT Scenario as example. But as mentioned in this post, this also applies to development projects and teams.

Summary from the Post
Implementation of processes based on frameworks and methodologies (ITIL, CMM) help standardize the way corporate IT carries out its functions. This, in most cases, is a good thing. Yet, processes aren’t the be all and end all of IT.

This holds not just for operational IT (like the service desk), but also for development work (i.e. projects).Trouble is, processes trump people more often than not.  When that happens, things aren’t working the way they should- processes are intended to help people, not to hinder them. This is something folks who work in corporate IT would do well to keep in mind.

All too often, IT management thinks of processes as a panacea for all IT ills. The way I look at it is a little different: processes are fine and good, and even necessary; but the people who are served by IT must come first. If that means making the occasional exception to a mandated process, then so be it.

Original URL:
On the role of Processes in Project Management


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