Emotional Intelligence Training

I attended a training on Emotional intelligence recently. It was a 2 day session conducted by Dr. Smita Fernandez from Navgati. Emotional intelligence is not an easy subject to understand and i have tried reading the book by Dale Goleman before, but never succeeded. I was very curious how this training will be.

Dr. Smita facilitated the session very well and we (audience) never felt that we are attending training for 2 days. She made it so interesting and i really enjoyed the session.

Some of the key learning’s.
1. Emotions. Difference between emotions and feelings. Importance of emotions at work place and expressing them,
2. Difference between passive, aggressive, passive aggression and Assertive behaviors.
3. I always thought i am assertive but after the training, i felt like there are lot more practice required to be more assertive.
4. Impact of passive aggression
5. Overview of the different skills

a.     broken record

b.    fogging,

c.     negative inquiry,

d.    negative assertion,

e.    free information and

f.      workable compromise

6. Empathy.

7. Strokes – Positive and Negative. Importance of strokes in the work place

8. Goleman’s Model:

a.     Knowing your emotions – Self Awareness

b.    Managing your own emotions – Self Regulation

c.     Motivating yourself

d.    Recognizing and understanding other people’s emotions – Empathy

e.    Managing relationships, ie., managing the emotions of others – Relationship Management

Reference (Books):
When i say no, i feel guilty
Born To Win: Transactional Analysis With Gestalt Experiments
Reference URL:



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