How to Hire a Manager – A Time Tested Recipe

I was reading an interesting blog post in Management Craft blog on how to hire a manager – A Time Tested Recipe. The blog post talks about some of the qualities to look for while hiring a manager.
Some of the Qualities (Ingredients as mentioned in the blog post): Courage, Independence, Leadership, Followership, Love of Management, Takes the Initiative to Make Things Better, Honey (AKA Relationship Builder), Self-Aware, Humble, Confident
Its a good list. I will probably add few more to that list  "Accountability, Team Work, Transparency and Lead by example"

One of the things which the blog post talks about was "Test for fit within the culture". I guess, its one of the most important things to find out while hiring a manager. In my opinion most of the times, the hiring mistake was that "Cultural Fitness" was not tested.

"Test for fit within the culture. This is a valid job-related line of inquiry. Watch for whether te candidate seems connected to the organization’s culture and mission and look for chemistry with the hiring manager. You can determine fit by observing him or her and by noticing your comfort level with this person. Do you want him or her around?"

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