Emotional Engagement at work: Difficult work environments are driving people away from organizations today

Enhancing CRM: Workflow vs Plug-ins:  Plug-ins can be executed either synchronously or asynchronously.   Workflows function in an asynchronous manner.

The Synchronous operation will modify the data stream as it is being saved to the database, which can introduce a delay in the user’s experience, but will provide results back to the user in a quicker fashion.

Asynchronous operations will happen shortly after the data has been saved which will not impact the user, but which may result in a slight delay between the time the user saved the record and when the value will be updated.


It’s Software, Not a Unicorn – Why Tools Won’t Solve Organizational Dysfunction: In truth, we create the poisons that pollute our projects. We call them emergencies, business priorities, contractual requirements, customer satisfaction issues, must haves…you name it. Whatever we call them, we cannot rely on software tools to protect us from ourselves. We must rely on ourselves. The cure for what ails our projects is, quite simply, discipline. We must discipline ourselves to abide by the few guidelines that Scrum and Agile development put forth in order to be effective. Not that this is shocking news for software developers. After all, how often does the development process actually have a fairy tale ending?

Motivation and Leadership Styles: Leadership style influence level of motivation. However, throughout a lifetime, man’s motivation is influenced by changing ambitions and/or leadership style he works under or socializes with. Command-and-control leadership drains off ambition while worker responsibility increases ambition.


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