Beyond Code: Learn to Distinguish Yourself in 9 Simple Steps!

Beyond code is a self development book targeted towards IT Professionals. I had this book in my wish list. My friend Srini was reading this book last week and i grabbed it from him. Its a simple and easy to read book. I enjoyed reading this book. I am planning to get couple of copies for my team.

This book explains tools and insights in 9 simple steps to help people to make difference in this competitive world.
Learn: We spend most of our time in delivering projects and remaining time in learning new technology skills. Apart from this, we should invest our time to learn how to build long-term relationships, how to be congruent, and how to develop one’s strengths.
Laugh: It is important to know how to avoid making mistakes, but is more important to know how to handle mistakes and move on by laughing at yourself. And when you can laugh at yourself, other people are more comfortable with you.
Look: The most obvious step to differentiate yourself is to look beyond expected. Looking for associations that have never existed before, looking for  relationships that will yield maximum benefits to both parties, looking for simplicity, and looking for clarity are some of the ways to
do something remarkable to receive the attention that you desire.
Lasting Impression: People you meet along the way constantly reshape your life and every engagement offers you the opportunity to make the lasting impression. We can leave a lasting impression by caring for other’s problem as if it is ours, solving the right problems, by getting things done, by going beyond the call of duty, and by being resourceful.
Love: To be successful, love what you do and do what is required. Nothing can substitute passion—not hard work, not intelligence.
Leverage: When you apply the concept of leverage in your life, you will accomplish more in 24 hours than you can on your own. The focus should not be on saving money, it should be on saving time. Money can be earned back, but you can not get back time!
Likeability: If we are likeable, people will often bend rules and make exceptions for us. To increase the likeability index, we need to make others feel good about themselves, be genuinely interested in other people, add measurable value in somebody’s life.
Listen: We all know the importance of listening well. Feedback is the breakfast of champions and if there is no listening, there is no feedback. If you want to be a champion, start listening and practice this ability consistently.
Lead: Leadership is not tied to a position. To lead, look for gaps in your organization and start filling those gaps.

Thanks Srini !!!.


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