HP Happiness Experiment – Work Environment Has a Dramatic Impact on Happiness

Employee Factor Blog has an interesting post. It talks about impact of happiness on the Work and Work Environment. The findings are interesting….

Everyone is jumping on the happiness bandwagon. Why? A happy
employee is not only good for the individual but it is good for

HP is taking a
lead in the happiness arena. What is their philosophy – “business runs
better on happiness”.

The HP experiment
was led by cognitive neuropsychologist Dr. David Lewis who designed a
test to determine the impact of different working conditions on
employees. The question – would freedom and flexibility make people
happier and more productive?
What did they do? They built two different environments.
The first resembled a chicken farm with cramped, cluttered surfaces and slow PCs and bulky CRT monitors.

second was designed to give people the space and technology they needed
to get on with their job, as well as providing the worker’s in the
second office the option to work from home, if they chose.

What were the conclusions?The
workers that were given the freedom, tools and trust to work in the
second office experienced a dramatic improvement in their mental well

  • Productivity shot up by 400 percent.
  • Stress levels feel by more than 50 percent.
  • IQ scores increased by an average of 28 percent.
  • Blood pressure was lower.
  • Short term memory improved. Volunteers retained 33 percent more information.

Original URL: http://employeefactor.com/2008/02/post_7.html


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