Six Tips That Will Boost Your Brain Power

Alexander Marlin’s Blog has an interesting post on Six tips that will boost your brain power. Good one.
Tips from the post:

  1. Start Reading More Books – I know this is very difficult,
    but everything that looks difficult is a lack of focus on your behalf. Your
    brain works like this; If you say you don’t like reading books, then your brain
    shuts down, and will refuse to excite you when you see a book. Now you know who
    controls, so all you have to do is to start telling yourself that you love
    reading books and in no time flat, your brain will accept reading as fun. As of
    today, each month I will list the book that I am reading, and you can start
    improving your own mind power by reading the type of books you love. You don’t
    have to like what I like, just read what you like. I am not referring to those
    love stories/novels, read something that will help you improve on something,
    doesn’t matter what, just read a how to book.

  2. Getting A Good Nights Rest – A tired brain just can’t
    function, so you will have to get enough shut eye, or your brain will be too
    drained to start thinking or being in a creative mind boosting stage. If you
    have a hard time falling asleep, then get creative and find something to keep
    you busy during the day or after work, and make sure your tired before going to
    bed. Exercise is also a great way to tire out the body, which will relax the
    muscles and enable you to sleep like a baby. TIP: To fall
    asleep fast, all you have to do is lye very still in bed, absolutely no
    movements and your brain would get tired from the inactivity and simply fall a
    sleep (That my friend is the simple cure for insomnia).

  3. Learning To Focus And Pay Keen Attention – During a
    conversation with someone you should actually listen and interpret what they are
    saying, ask specific questions, show you are interested and really listening. If
    you don’t know what they are speaking of, ask questions, each and every topic
    can teach you something. Like when you was attending class, there was always
    that one kid that had this sort of pierced ears that can zoom in on everything
    that the class teacher was saying. You have to be that type of person and do
    that with everyone your speaking with. It will improve your conversational
    skills, boost your brain power and listening skills all in one.

  4. Playing Games – Bet you wasn’t thinking on this one. Game
    playing is a huge help, it uses a lot of brain cells. You have to focus, use
    your muscles, your eyes and use your brain. It doesn’t matter what type of games
    you play, as long as you play. If your not a sport fan, then play simple group
    games like scrabble, dominoes (that’s my sport, sorry you won’t have a chance),
    simple hang man games, which I play with my kids and today, the Internet makes
    it is possible to play many online games that stimulates the brain. Just find
    some games you love and start playing.

  5. Listen To Audio CD’s – Got to be honest this one is to
    relax the brain and help you focus. If you want to be a better person, listen to
    life improvement type audio’s. If your wish is to be a motivational speaker,
    then go for those types. The choice is yours, and no matter what your choice is,
    you can find something out there that you will love.

  6. Laugh – I will keep this one short, learn to enjoy life and
    laugh, be happy. The more you laugh, the more your brain relaxes and that will
    help with the production of great ideas and better solutions.

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