Self Improvement Starts With Making Decisions

improvement is about making decisions and making the right ones. To have a
positive change in your life, you have to decide you want a positive change,
and this in itself is making a decision.

Points which I

  • You
    cannot just hope you will have a positive change in your life, or just wishing
    it will come, you have to decide to take a positive action towards this change,
    pursue it aggressively, and stick to it no matter what.

  • Decisions
    require 100% of our commitment, not 99%, not even 99.999%, it has to be 100%.
    Think about this, when a person is almost there, is actually not there at all.

  • How
    can you be almost there at one place? Either you are there or not there, there
    is no such thing as I am almost there.

  • Successful
    people are always looking for ways to improve themselves and are aware that
    regardless how good they think they are, there is always room for improvement.
    Such people know that happiness and fulfillment is based on their consistent
    growth and contribution based on self-improvement ideas.

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