1 Page Introduction to agile methods

I was talking to one of my friend yesterday and he asked me to share, if there are any 1 page articles on agile. I found this interesting 1 page post from Sanjiv Augustine.

“Agility is the ability to create and adapt to change.”

In general agile methods can be used to:

·         Focus on customer value via constant business-driven prioritization of features and regular customer feedback;

·         Manage uncertainty and risk through evolutionary (iterative and incremental) product development;

·         Utilize intense collaboration and feedback via maximum face-to-face communication;

·         Unleash team members’ creativity and productivity through light touch leadership and self-organization;

·         Deliver high quality through plan-do-study-act continuous improvement cycles; and

·         Facilitate learning and adaptation to change via practices like team retrospectives (mini lessons learned done while the project is in-flight).

Original url: http://lithespeed.blogspot.com/2007/09/1-page-introduction-to-agile-methods.html


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