Interviewing an architect: My Experience

Sendhil has invited me to take part of an architect interview in the evening. It is a very normal process between us. Whenever we interview a senior profile we try to do it together. I was very happy to join as i am always interested in knowing how people from different companies work.
I normally say HI with a smile whenever i meet people and this guy responded in a way which i could not digest.
I did not expect the following answer in an Architect Interview (may be working with sendhil and a high performing team has set my expectations very high)
Q: How will you handle whenever there is a change in the requirement. How do you make sure your code is extensible?
Answer: Its the Project manager’s responsiblity and whenever there are any changes he will work with QA to do the regression, find the impact, estimate the cost.
After 30 minutes of discussion, we tried to close the interview by saying Thanks, but the guy turned away and started walking.
The current week is not very good for me in terms of interviews. I am loosing my temper very frequently after the interviews (i meet atleast 7 to 10 guys per week on an average).
"Product(s) are not built by individuals. To me Attitude and human involvement is valued more than anything else in software development"

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