Giving and Taking Feedback

I attended full day training on giving and taking feedback couple of days back. It was a good refresher session for me on most of the topics covered and I learnt some new things as well.

I did a search of the Items discussed in the session and found some useful links.

Overview of Coaching and Mentoring

Differences between Coaching and Mentoring:

Steps for coaching

Qualities of a good coach

Coaching common pitfalls

Coaching Tips: Performance Measurements

People Development Life cycle:

Setting Targets -> Strategizing -> Action -> Performance Assessment (Communication/Feedback)->Assessment of needs/creating development plans (which will result in setting targets)

Factors impacting people development: discussed about climate, feedback

Feedback, types of feedback and criteria for giving feedback

Constructive Feedback:

Why Listening is important? Factors affecting Effective Listening? How important is effective listening in giving and taking feedback?


The trainer was able to explain the contents overall, but I would felt very happy if she could have shared some real life examples from her experience. A real value-add for a training session like this would be the examples from the real life/experience.

I was convinced the case studies, but I was not able to agree with the example case study of giving negative feedback to your manager. Giving negative feedback to your boss will always be very tough and I was not convinced with the solutions/discussions.


As George Leonard mentioned in his book "Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment",  the journey to mastery never ends. Giving and taking feedback is something which we someone cannot gain in 21 days (teach yourself seriesL).


When does the journey to mastery end? It never ends. Mastery is the journey.  You master more and more along the way. 

Only practice makes things perfect and I am sure I can be better as I practice it more 🙂


Overall, it was a productive day for me in terms of learning 🙂



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