My Experience with SIFY Broadband

I was using SIFY Broadband at home for the last 8-9 months. Initially I was pretty impressed with their service and whenever I speak to my friends or colleagues, I used to recommend them saying their service is far better than other service providers.

Everything went well till I got a problem with connecting to their local gateway last month. After couple of calls to the call center, finally a Service Engineer came and attended the problem after a week’s time. He told me that my LAN Card was the problem and asked me to change. Since there was no other option (and I had faith L), I asked a Hardware Engineer to come and check the problem. He tried with a new LAN Card and even after that we were getting the same problem.

I called up the SIFY Service center again and told them the problem and a Service Engineer came and again said the problem was with my LAN Card. My HARDWARE Engineer said, there were no problems and I got into a position where I could not do anything with the broadband connection.

I got frustrated and moved to AIRTEL. With the same LAN Card, I am able to connect and it’s much faster than the SIFY Broadband.

What I did not like with SIFY was, they are charging RS-50/- per month for the Cable maintenance and when there is a problem with their cable, they do not know how to troubleshoot the problem (or not ready to accept its there problem). In the whole process, what has happened is “I did not have any connectivity at home for more than a month and paid RS-1000/- for the new installation”.

I hope I will not have any issues with my new Broadband connection.


1 thought on “My Experience with SIFY Broadband

  1. Why don’t you try Airtel, I’m using past 2 months recommended by my friend who is using past 1 year, No problem we faced till now, and even if I face any small issues they are corrected on same day. Problem here is Airtel is not available in some part of Bangalore 😦

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