7 Faces of Leadership


I was reading an interesting post about the 7 Faces of Leadership.  Definitely worth book marking it…

1) What you say: Rhetoric. Speaking style and the language and vocabulary used to express meaning and communicate vision and intent.

2) Where you go: Create maps to a destination that realizes a vision, which takes the organization somewhere new. Take action. Lead people on the journey.

3) What you build: Build a physical environment, grow teams and nurture relationships to foster a sense of belonging. Create a mental environment, time and space, to produce ideas, visualize dreams, and chart adventures. Project and imagine a future and be conscious of building a legacy that leaves a positive impact.

4) What you care about: Personal values and principles drive what we say and do and the image we project. The value system within the organization influences processes and rules.

5) How do you do it: What drives a person often determines the style in which he will act. As do the freedoms he is granted, the modes of collaboration possible, and the ethos he is trying to create.

6) What are you: Awareness. Feet firmly grounded, conscious of situation, surroundings, people, risks, constraints and other factors. Decisive with sound judgment. Responsible. Holds others accountable. Loyal, trustworthy and trusting.

7) What you do: Conscious of being a role model and sets an example. Acts by values, guided by principles. Seeks to bring about change.

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