What Skills does a Project Manager need to Master?

An Interesting Post from ProjectSteps Blog
  1. Have Recognized Leadership Skills
  2. Posses Good Decision Making Skills
  3. Posses Good Communication Skills
  4. Have a Sense of Humor
  5. Have Integrity
  6. Possess a Driven Desire to Succeed
  7. Have Demonstrated Project Management Skills
  8. Have Self-Discipline
  9. Have Vision
  10. Posses Active Listening Skills
  11. Be Compassionate
  12. Utilize a Proven yet Flexible Project Management Methodology
Great project managers like working with people. They like challenges, they have an even temperament, and they are a motivating influence to those around them. They don’t just plan and delegate, they get involved and become part of the team. They have to respect others and be shown respect in return. They are congenial, they are approachable, and they have integrity.

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