Constructive Confrontation

What is Constructive Confrontation?
Constructive confrontation is an approach to dealing with intractable conflicts that is being developed by Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess. This approach is based on the assumption that while conflict is inevitable in all societies, the destructive nature of most conflicts is avoidable. By using constructive confrontation, disputants and third parties can transform destructive conflicts into constructive ones–ones which are not necessarily resolved, but ones which lead to a growing and strengthening of the parties and the relationship between them.
One of my previous organizations was preaching this concept very strongly and i believe in constructive confrontation. When you are working in an environment where there is high pressure and due to some reasons if your team is not able to cope up, you will end up in conflicts. Conflicts are natural in any environment and if you have the concept of constructive confrontation established within your team it really helps in resolving the conflict.
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