The Great Indian Management

My colleague Srinivasan has pointed me to this interesting post on the great indian management. Interesting Read…
"Ideally speaking, business is a form of serving the society. When we serve the societal needs, society rewards the business in the form of money that it allows the business to make.

In any business, all the people involved in the business from the CEO to office assistant supplying snacks and drinks, play different roles. Every one of them is involved in the business and are contributing to the business in their own ways. In a way, every one of them own that business. Every one is a worker and every one is a owner too. Based on their levels of contribution, everybody makes their money from the company.
There is nothing like worker, executive or owner in a business. In these days of educated enlightenment, where feudalistic loyalties do not count, only way people can work together in a business is by understanding that everybody is a part of business.
If at all levels exist, they are for administrative and co-ordination purposes and not to indicate inferiority or superiority. This is what needs to be taught to ‘owners’, ‘executives’ and ‘workers’ alike."

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