Do We Have to Choose Between Management and Leadership?

Do organizations need fewer managers and more leaders? Do the qualities of one outweigh those of the other? In her article, Esther Derby defines leadership and management, and shows how one test manager incorporates both.
A back dated article (Feb’06). She talks about why most positions in organizations need both, and why managers need both the skills to deliver.
Management is:
  • establishing timetables and steps for achieving needed results and allocating resources to make it happen.
  • creating structure, staffing and delegating responsibility, and having the authority to accomplish goals.
  • monitoring results, identifying deviations, and planning and organizing to solve problems.
  • producing key results expected by various stakeholders.

Leadership is:

  • establishing direction, and developing a vision for the future.
  • aligning people, modeling the vision, influencing, and creating teams and coalitions.
  • inspiring people to overcome barriers to change by satisfying basic human needs.
  • producing useful change.

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