Introducing Windows Presentation Foundation

A MSDN Reference article which introduces Windows Presentation framework. I was searching for a quickstart guide/article and this one gives a quick overview about the different components in WPF.
One of the feature i like is it enables you to provide the same interface for the Windows and Web via XBAP (XAML Browser application). I still remember the way we designed one of our application couple of years ago when we wanted to provide the same interface for windows and web.
The other important feature is Documents. WPF Supports 2 kinds of documents. Fixed and Flow.
Fixed documents (XPS) looks exactly the same whether they’re rendered on a screen or a printer. Knowing that a document will always look the same is important for some forms, legal documents, and other kinds of publications, and so fixed-format documents are important in a number of areas.
While fixed documents are meant to be used both on a screen and on paper, flow documents are intended solely for on-screen display. To make its contents as readable as possible, a flow document can adjust how a document’s text and graphics are displayed based on the window size and other factors.
User interfaces are a fundamentally important part of most applications. Making those interfaces as effective has possible can have measurable benefits to the people and organizations that rely on them. The primary goal of WPF is to help developers provide these benefits, and so for anybody who creates or uses Windows applications, WPF is big news.

By providing a unified platform for modern user interfaces, helping make designers active participants in creating those interfaces, and allowing a common programming model for standalone and browser applications, WPF aims at significantly improving the Windows user experience. Some of the technologies it supplants had a twenty-year run as the foundation for Windows user interfaces. The intent of WPF is to lay the foundation for the next twenty years.

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