Handling conflict

Siddharta ‘s blog has an interesting post on Handling conflict. 
Conflict. It’s that word again. We have all faced it and most of us would rather not discuss it, but sooner or later you will be faced with such a situation and it’s helpful to be able to understand it. In this article, I will discuss what I understand by conflict, and how we can handle it.
Handling deep conflict

In some cases, the conflict has already been going on for a while. Both sides have already developed deep mistrust for each other and have their positions firmly entrenched. Solving such a conflict is much harder. The same principles apply as above, but because of the mistrust between parties, they do not want to talk to each other. More effort is expended towards preserving their position than towards resolving the conflict. In such cases, the you will probably need to work with the parties individually, as they will probably not see eye to eye together. The key goal is to change the mindset from defending a position to working towards a resolution. Once that happens, the above principles can be used again.

Most deep conflicts are rooted in certain past events. By understanding the history, it is possible to understand the viewpoints of the two sides and bring them to a resolution.

Guidelines to resolve conflicts 
  • Acknowledge the conflict
  • Separate the problem from the person
  • Attack the problem together
  • Resolving conflict is one of toughest things to do and Siddarth has described it in a simple and very good way.

    Worth Reading it



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