Dangers of Agile Adoption

InfoQ has a post which links to Siddharta Govindaraj ‘s post on 5 dangers when adopting agile processes – and what to do about them.
The orignial post talks about
  1. Unfamiliarity:  Mainstream companies are less likely to understand the principles of the process. They’ve heard about ‘this agile thing’ and want the same benefits on their projects.
  2. Top-down thinking: Agile processes work bottom-up, where the team is empowered to take many decisions… this can be uncomfortable for many managers.
  3. Culture change:  Agile processes not only demand a change in they way software is developed, but a change in culture.
  4. Incomplete implementation:  Tailoring the process is good if you know what you are doing, but can lead to disaster if it is done just for convenience.
  5. Silver bullet syndrome:  Agile processes will not magically deliver your software, cure all ills and create world peace.  Agile can help with the process, but don’t ignore the other components.

As he mentions, many people start Agile without understanding it completely and after sometime says "its not working for us". Its definetely a culture change, if the organization is not open for change this may not work.

More here



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