Why Would a .NET Programmer Learn Ruby on Rails?

I started reading posts about RUBY because Sendhil discusses a lot about it. When i found this post i thought i should share this link.
From the Article
Here are a few things I have found that are a new paradigm shift for me as a .NET programmer learning Ruby.
  • Do not compile.
  • Dynamically enhance the behavior of a class – without a Decorator.
  • Slim down your code base 10-20% by stripping off all type declarations and interface declarations.
  • Ajax it in no time.
  • With Rails, you don’t need an O/R Mapper.
  • Using Ruby script to build/deploy/release is better than using NAnt.

"No pain no gain." – from the Article
There are a few hurdles I had to go through in learning Ruby. First, I had to go through the emotions of accepting the fact that it will take longer to find a new Ruby solution than to use an existing technology that I am comfortable in. This is by far the most painful experience. But, after a while, you will start cherishing the fact that you are starting to develop multiple ways to solving different problems, and that’s where the pleasure comes in. Secondly, reading about Ruby/Rails only gets me so far. Practically using what I have learned helps me to remember what I have learned. Remember, use it or lose what you have invested time to read about.

After Reading this article, i also started feeling like i should give it a try….


Happy Reading!!!! 


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