Architecture and Design in an Agile Environment

Myself and sendhil had a discussion with Manu about Architecting and designing in Agile Projects. Manu was not convinced with our answers on design in an agile environment.
I found this post when i was reading some other article. I thought it will be useful if i post a link to this article.
Evolutionary design in an agile team is predicated on an understanding that programmers have sufficient design skills to maximize stakeholder value by keeping the design clean.  Any kind of design approach – evolutionary or BDUF – isn’t going to be terribly effective if the folks doing the design don’t really practice software design to the extent necessary to enable clean evolutonary design.  On teams like this, some kind of continous design review to catch problems and surface opportunities early might serve.  Even some explicit intervention and corrective action should steer efforts back toward desirable design qualities for the codebase.  Essentially, XP teams might recognize not only software design, but also software design quality assurance.
Being an Agile Architect – Sam gentile’s post
Martin fowler – Is Design Dead?
Big Design Up Front
Role of the Agile Architect
Happy Reading!!!

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