Introducing Agile Practices into your organization

If you trying to introduce Agile practices into your organization where guys are reluctant for change, then its better to try with an approach like Feature driven development first and then slowly migrate towards SCRUM/XP.
My approach may be something like this. I will prefer to follow it in simple steps.
  • Choose a pilot project (may be a small project which do not have high visiblity)
  • Choose the methodology.
  • Provide training to the team.
  • Implement practices. 
  • Provide support/Review the practices regularly and provide the feedback to the team.
  • Rollup your findings to the management.
Most of the times, AGILE doesn’t work to the team as most of the people still relate agile practices to Pair programming. Hence a good training will help the team to kickstart.
Only practice makes things perfect…

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