How to Write RFPs?

I have written couple of proposals in my previous jobs. But i never felt that i am good at it (may be i am not practising it).
Couple of days back some body asked me about RFP process and i thought i should explore more about it.
Asusual, my favorite search engine pointed me to couple of very interesting stuff on Writing RFP.
What is a RFP?
When a company needs a project to be completed by a contractor or outside source, they write a RFP. This is a formal document describing the project, how the contract companies should respond, how the proposals will be reviewed, and contact information. Often, the company documents the submission guidelines to make it easier for them to compare responses. There are no specific standards or guidelines for creating the RFP, but government agencies usually strict standards they follow when conducting the proposal process.

Outside companies read the RFP and write a proposal (a bid) explaining how they can best provide and meet those needs. When writing the proposal, the company should closely follow the guidelines established in the RFP to avoid being removed from consideration for the potential project.

A typical proposal contains:

  • Executive summary – summary of the entire proposal
  • Statement of need – why project is necessary
  • Project description – How project will be implemented and evaluated
  • Organization information
  • Project schedule
  • Budget
  • Conclusion – Part I – Part II,289483,sid14_gci1131014,00.html

Happy Reading!!!!


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