Seventeen tips for Iteration Planning

I found this interesting iteration planning tips in the Agile Advice website.
I liked the following tips
  • When first starting out with Agile Work, many teams find it difficult to do a good job of iteration planning in the fixed amount of time allocated to it. Consider shortening your iteration length so you can practice this skill more frequently. (Remember to make the planning meeting shorter too!)
  • It’s okay for tasks to be _very_ small
  • Generating tasks in the iteration planning meeting is a problem solving and creative process.
  • Remember that it’s okay if you end the meeting with an imperfect list of tasks. You will make corrections throughout the iteration. It is more important to maintain the discipline of the timeboxed meeting length, than to get the tasks right up front.

As mentioned in this article, when first starting out with agile work, its not going to be easy to plan the iteration properly. Practice makes things perfect..

Worth reading


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