Talking about Excellent Resources on SCRUM: Great info and video clips from it’s co-founder Ken Schwaber

I found this useful entry from Raven Young’s Blog. It has links to the video clips from Ken Schwaber.


Excellent Resources on SCRUM: Great info and video clips from it’s co-founder Ken Schwaber

The Scrum For Team Systems website has a great bank of SCRUM resources: Scrum Basics, Preparation, Roles, Processes, SCRUM Artefacts/Tools, SCRUM FAQs, and more. I’m looking to delve deeper into the world of Scrum, it’s processes, roles, rules, implementation and best practices. What I like about this site is that most sections are well written and contain good looking graphics, but what is really exciting is the links to .html pages with embedded video clips (2-3 minutes each) from Ken Schwaber (co-founder of Scrum) discussing various Scrum topics. Below is a shot of the interactive main map as well as links to the video clips:

  • The heading Scrum takes you to a  big virtual map of Scrum Processes. You can click on any area and jump to that section. It’s a nice overview of the process and shows how each piece ties in. Each main heading, such as Preparation, has many subsections: Introduction, Business case and Funding, Vision, Initial Product Backlog, etc.

At the bottom is a video clip: Watch Ken Schwaber discuss the History of the Agile Movement. The rest of the clips are listed below.

It’s important to note that all of these clips from the Scrum For Team Systems website. There are too many resources to mention but suffice it to say that this site has Scrum covered from just about any angle, and with the co-founder of Scrum actively contributing to the content you know you’re getting the best, most accurate information possible! Aside from the video clips (which I found quite interesting) there are also links to detailed information and numerous graphics (also available in full size – very useful!!) on topics like Product Burndown, Product Increment, Bug Priority, History and Count, Sprint Overviews and details, Handling Product and Sprint Backlog items, Impediment reports, Scrum Roles and so much more. Check out the main page and have fun learning and exploring the world of Scrum: Good stuff – Enjoy!


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