Patterns of successful software projects

Amitavha has forwarded this URL. Interesting one.

Definition of “successful“

There are five basic truths that make a successful software project: regardless of what development environment or programming language is used, no matter whether it is managed using an “agile“ or a waterfall process, OO, SOA, AI or punch cards.

They are:

  1. The customer/user has a reason for the project (based on their need, a demonstrated ROI, “it sounds cool“, etc)
  2. The developers know what they are building (there is some mechanism for requirements specification)
  3. The developers know how they are to do it (knowledge and usage of tools and “process“)
  4. The development team will know when they are done (there exists some “exit“ milestone criteria)
  5. The customer/user agrees (they accept or purchase it)


Part I
Part II

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